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Professional Development and Career Options

Ongoing training is essential to keep your practice current and improving. Neta Care as well as offering regular training opportunities, costs are covered for approved learning chosen in line with your own professional goals.  

Our HR team believes in investing in quality staff. If you have dreams of changing specialisations, growing to a leadership position, or even beginning your own business, our friendly managers are available to discuss your career progression, your available options, and your training. We believe it is a privilege to be involved in the growth of such passionate staff and there can be mutual benefits for everyone, rather than a conflict of interest.

Flexible Arrangements

Neta Care believes life should be enjoyable, for our clients and our staff. With family, study, and other commitments vying for time, we provide flexible working arrangements to ensure that we can retain our quality staff, even as their lives change in different seasons. As well as varying hours, we embrace Telehealth and work-from-home arrangements for applicable roles. Many roles can begin with minimal, flexible hours, growing as you establish yourself and discover what working arrangements fit you best, ideal for new graduates or parents. 

As our client base and service area grows, staff may be offered work closer to home as it becomes available, decreasing travel time. If your family relocates for schools or a partner’s work, Neta Care will work with you to find an appropriate vacancy when possible.

With flexible working arrangements and careful staffing, Neta Care is well-situated to help you in case of unexpected time off. Whether a family emergency arises, or you find yourself requiring a month-long sabbatical, Neta Care’s casual staff are ready to fill in the gap to relieve you without guilt from the rostering team!

Real Support

Our management team works in the community care industry, because they truly care about people, including our staff and clients. Based locally in Ipswich, we strongly believe in the strength of community, of which our staff are an essential element. 

We believe that thoughtful organisation of processes, training, and open communication channels are essential to ensure our staff are properly supported. Annual performance review meetings are conducted in partnership with you to ensure that you are trained, supported, and have a regular opportunity to provide feedback. To ensure staff are always able to find support, our website also contains our staff portal – one central hub for training links, contact details for support, working documents, policies and procedures, complaints and feedback forms, and links to other relevant resources.

Support to Volunteer

At Neta Care, the strength of our local communities are a priority. Full-time staff can be paid up to 16 hours a year for volunteering with an approved charity. As a business, we also engage with community and charitable events and fundraisers throughout the year. 

Multidisciplinary Team Support

For our allied health professionals, we allow a full day on Mondays without seeing clients. This means you have a full day for case clinics, CPD, collaboration, report writing, networking, and planning for the week ahead. This is our busiest day at the offices, full of laughter, enabling a real culture of support and connection. If you wish to collaborate with psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, exercise scientists, physiotherapists, early childhood teachers, allied health assistants, and managers, this provides a regular, predictable opportunity to do so intentionally.

Mobile Work

Our employees are sometimes surprised by how much they enjoy mobile work, with the sense of freedom it brings, some comment it almost feels like they are working for themselves at times (while knowing they have a full team backing them up when needed). The time travelling allows one to process, listen to podcasts, destress with music, and make essential calls. To top it off, our support workers are paid when travelling with clients for community access, and our allied health professionals are paid to travel between appointments. For our full-time allied health professionals, these reimbursements for travel can add up to an extra $20,000 per year on top of their agreed upon salary!

We hope you consider Neta Care as you explore your career options and look forward to hearing from you.

The Neta Care HR Team