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At Neta Care, we value community in all of its richness. Diversity is essential for a strong community. It means better outcomes for all. We believe in hiring quality staff who think and do things differently. Open-minded difference enables us all to offer better support and grow together. There is no glass ceiling because of culture, family roles, gender, age, experience, religion, sexual orientation, or ability. We simply support the development of quality staff. This is evident at every level of our staffing, through to senior management.

We understand that relationships with people who think differently can become complicated at times. We encourage staff to be open about experiences to enable management to take appropriate supportive actions. Respectful behaviour and consideration for others are essential in professional and community relationships. We believe that is worth protecting, and so are you.

Cultural Backgrounds

Apply for a position, knowing that your given name, the colour of your skin, or your accent are welcome and treasured. Our CEO’s first name is Nigerian with 5 syllables! We love learning about different cultures and ways of thinking for our own growth. Having a variety of staff to support our community provides a sense of safety and familiarity. Clients see that we practice acceptance, which welcomes them also. To keep Neta Care a safe and happy place for all, we have also created systems for feedback and ongoing staff cultural competence training.

We are also aware that your opportunities for growth may have been limited, but we are invested in creating opportunities for learning and growth – whether that’s closing gaps for true equality or opening doors for career progression.

Family roles

Know that your role in your family is seen as a positive for your role at work, as your personal growth can reflect in your professional growth. The life of your family is significant and can be complex to manage for parents, carers, and others. We have made time for this with flexible arrangements that enable you to work and nurture your family. Some of our earliest hires included mums with young families – working management jobs part-time from home, or sleep-over shifts as a disability support worker. Speak with HR to discuss what option will allow you and your family to flourish.


At Neta Care, we treasure our staff of every gender. Women played key roles in the founding and growth of Neta Care and they still hold key senior management positions. Our client matching processes pair clients and workers who feel safe and work well together, including respect towards gender.

We know that for some employees, understanding their gender may be a journey, and we are prepared to learn through the process with them respectfully. Our uniforms are simple polo shirts, with two subtle fittings to choose what your body feels comfortable in. Private bathrooms are also available for all genders for your comfort and safety. Our induction forms do not ask for title or gender identifications, allowing you to introduce yourself in your own way. As you will see on our website, our references to staff are gender-neutral to ensure all are included.

Age and Experience

Diversity of ages and experience is essential to nurture strength within our community, just as it is within a family. Different experiences, knowledge and perspectives in our team enable every staff member to grow in their role. This results in better outcomes for all. Our flexible working arrangements are great for busy students, recent graduates, those with young families, and those preparing for retirement. We believe you can do excellent work, whatever your stage of life.


Our belief systems can provide us a personal strength, guide and value for life that has worth beyond measure. While our beliefs may vary, there are values we can all agree on – safety, respect, personal growth, and doing our best. At Neta Care, we find that focus on such common values and behaviours is the key to positive, professional relationships. While we make our own personal decisions, we can have healthy relationships and become a stronger community as we continue to learn and grow.

Considerations for practicing your beliefs can be complicated if you accept a role with shift work and maybe navigated with the assistance of HR and your rostering team. We understand the importance of regular gatherings and significant celebrations for those actively walking in their beliefs. To help us support you, please ensure you fill your employee availability form to reflect your priorities.

Sexual Orientation

At Neta Care, we believe in acting respectfully towards all. Understandings of sexual orientation are being explored more than ever in our community. As non-traditional families grow, we welcome all to our work family events. We strive to grow hand-in-hand with you as we discover what strengths, passions, and ideas you bring to the team. 


Apply for a position, knowing that we understand and accept visible and invisible disabilities. As providers of disability care, we understand the incredible capacity and potential of people living with disabilities. We understand that you are the first expert on your capabilities and open conversations enable us to explore your avenues for growth. Our own CEO has been diagnosed with a permanent, invisible, physical disability due to a previous work injury and understands first hand some of the challenges of getting through the day. We have also supported people with disabilities to become qualified and employed, while we partner with organisations who employ likewise. 


Neta Care acknowledges that claims of support for diversity, without actions for inclusion and respect, are meaningless. To ensure that we act on these values, even after recruitment, Neta Care has committed to intentional actions for continual improvement and accountability.

Staff feedback, compliments, and complaints are encouraged through forms that are freely available and can be anonymous. Contact numbers are also freely available for unresolved issues. Annual performance reviews are used to discuss staff’s experiences, as well as career development options. Official online Neta Care accounts also provide the opportunity for staff to leave public reviews for potential hires to see, and staff are encouraged to leave a review at any point, including in their exit interview. All staff are provided with mandatory training to support respectful, inclusive, professional relationships, including cultural competence training.

We hope you will join us in our journey towards a fairer society.

The Neta Care HR Team