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At times, life can be challenging, and an injury or persistent pain can make it even harder. If you’re experiencing discomfort or mobility issues, you don’t have to suffer alone. Our team of compassionate and experienced physiotherapists is here to help you feel your best again.

Whether you’re an athlete with a sports injury or someone dealing with chronic pain, we’re dedicated to finding the right treatment plan to help you recover.

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We understand that experiencing pain or discomfort can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it’s interfering with your daily life.

Our experienced physiotherapists treat a variety of injuries and provide essential rehabilitation to all age groups from children to the elderly.

By addressing the root causes of your pain and discomfort, we can help you regain mobility, increase strength, and improve your overall quality of life.

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Our Physiotherapy services

Our physiotherapists are dedicated to providing essential rehabilitation for people of all ages and diverse abilities. Our services include:

Therapeutic Massage including Oedema Management, Soft and Deep Tissue Techniques: Our skilled physiotherapists offer therapeutic massage techniques to address various concerns. Whether you require oedema management to reduce swelling, or soft and deep tissue techniques to alleviate muscle tension and promote relaxation, our therapeutic massage sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and aid in your recovery and well-being.

Contracture Management for Treatment of Cerebral Palsy-Related Joint and Muscle Stiffness: Our physiotherapy team specialises in contracture management for individuals with cerebral palsy. We provide targeted interventions and exercises to address joint and muscle stiffness, promoting improved range of motion, function, and quality of life.

Exercise Rehabilitation for Muscle Strengthening, Cardiovascular Fitness, and Muscle Function Optimisation: Our exercise rehabilitation programs are designed to help you recover from injuries, surgeries, or chronic conditions. Our physiotherapists create personalised exercise plans focusing on muscle strengthening, cardiovascular fitness, and optimising muscle function. These programs aim to enhance mobility, endurance, and overall physical performance.

Functional Movement Training to Increase Independence with Activities of Daily Living: Our physiotherapists offer functional movement training programs that target specific movements and activities of daily living. By focusing on functional exercises and techniques, we aim to improve your strength, coordination, balance, and overall independence in performing everyday tasks.

Fall Prevention and Management: Our physiotherapy services include fall prevention and management programs. We assess your risk factors and develop personalised strategies to minimize the risk of falls. Additionally, if you have experienced a fall, we provide comprehensive assessments, interventions, and exercises to aid in your recovery and reduce the likelihood of future falls.

Manual Handling Training to Prevent Staff Workplace Injuries and Reduce Employer’s WorkCover Insurance Claims: Our physiotherapists offer manual handling training programs for staff to promote safe and proper techniques in lifting, moving, and handling objects. These programs help prevent workplace injuries and reduce the number of WorkCover Insurance claims, ensuring a safer work environment for employees.

Gait and Balance Rehabilitation: Our physiotherapists specialise in gait and balance rehabilitation. We assess and analyse your walking and balance patterns, and develop personalised programs to improve your gait, balance, and stability. These programs aim to enhance your mobility and reduce the risk of falls or injuries.

Comprehensive Reports to Maximise Your Ability to Continue Essential Maintenance Therapy: Our physiotherapy services include providing comprehensive reports that outline your therapy progress, treatment plans, and recommendations. These reports can be shared with other healthcare professionals, insurers, or employers to ensure continuity of care and maximise the effectiveness of your essential maintenance therapy.

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The NDIS is a government-funded program in Australia that provides support and services to individuals with disabilities. It operates on individualized funding and support, giving eligible individuals greater choice and control over the services they receive.

frequently asked questions

Our physiotherapy services cover a wide range of injuries and conditions. We treat various musculoskeletal injuries, including sprains, strains, fractures, and post-surgical rehabilitation. Additionally, we provide care for sports injuries, work-related injuries, neurological conditions, chronic pain management, and more. Our experienced physiotherapists will assess your specific condition and develop a personalised treatment plan to address your injury and promote your recovery.

Physiotherapy offers effective treatment and management for a diverse range of conditions. Our physiotherapists utilise evidence-based techniques and therapies to help alleviate pain, improve mobility, enhance strength, and restore functionality. Through targeted exercises, manual therapy, modalities, and education, physiotherapy aims to enhance your overall well-being and optimise your physical function. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking preventative care, our physiotherapy services can provide you with the support and guidance you need.

During your first physiotherapy appointment, you can expect a comprehensive assessment and discussion about your condition. Our physiotherapist will ask about your medical history, symptoms, and goals. They may perform physical tests and evaluations to gather more information. Based on the assessment, they will explain the diagnosis, develop a treatment plan, and discuss the expected duration of therapy. Treatment may involve a combination of exercises, manual therapy techniques, education, and home care instructions. The first appointment is an important step in understanding your needs and establishing a tailored approach to your care.