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Empowering well-being through integrated therapies


Our highly skilled physiotherapists offer a wide range of essential rehabilitation services for individuals of all ages and abilities. With a focus on functional movement training and personalised care, we aim to improve independence in daily activities and provide comprehensive reports for your continued support and therapy.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage offers targeted relief and improved well-being. Addressing specific areas of pain and tension, reduces discomfort, enhances mobility, and aids in injury recovery.
Techniques like deep tissue massage and myofascial release, promote relaxation, stress reduction, and better circulation.


Our experienced psychologists offer expert guidance and therapy tailored to individual needs. Through evidence-based approaches, they help individuals navigate challenges, develop coping strategies, and foster emotional growth. With compassionate care, our psychologists empower clients to achieve positive outcomes and improve overall mental health.

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Person Centred

Tailored plans that are designed specifically for your goals and lifestyle.

& Exercise

Early management of injuries, preventative health and more complex rehabilitation needs


Access to a team of psychologists and mental health professionals that can support you.

& Diet

Working with you to plan your diet specific to your needs and goals.


Ensuring you are on track to hit realistic milestones based on your goals.

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Stay on track and ensure you’re challenging yourself and making progress towards your goals.


Tailored workout plans that are designed specifically for your body type, goals and lifestyle making it easier to achieve your goals.


Quickly and easy delicious recipes with options to suit all your dietary requirements. You’ll never have to eat a “salad diet” again.

Pre + Post
Natal Fitness

Access to our team of professional and highly experienced training and nutrition coaches. Accountability coaching to keep you on track.


Stay on track and ensure you’re challenging yourself and making progress towards your goals.

& Beyond

On-demand workouts and recipes right in the palm of your hand wherever you are.


Weekly Macro targets that align with your fitness goals. Calorie Deficit & Surplus & Maintenance.

Early Childhood Therapy

Early childhood therapy can play a pivotal role in supporting your child’s cognitive and physical development. During early development, many critical skills are learned and it can be vital for children with developmental delays or disabilities to seek support to ensure they are up to par with their peers so they can continue their learning alongside them. 
By working with our early childhood therapists, you can unlock a wealth of benefits. We offer personalised guidance and expertise, tailoring support plans to meet specific goals and developmental needs. We also provide evidence-based advice, empowering you to make informed choices about parenting strategies to best support your child.

Benefits of Early Childhood Therapy

Supporting you your child’s development.

Enhanced Daily Functioning

Promoted Mental

Improved Emotional Regulation

Support for
School Readiness


Recovery & Performance in One Place

Rehab Specific Equipment

Health Club Exclusives

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Speech & 
Language Therapy

At Neta Care, our dedicated speech and language pathologists offer compassionate care to help individuals unleash their communication potential. With a personalised approach and evidence-based techniques, discover how our expert services can empower effective communication and enhance quality of life.

Occupational Therapy

Our compassionate occupational therapists empower individuals to overcome challenges and regain independence in daily activities. Discover how our personalised approach and nurturing guidance can transform lives.

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