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Early Childhood intervention is exactly what it sounds like. It is about getting in early to help children who have a disability or developmental delay with the supports they need. We understand that families know their child best. Our team of highly trained professionals, work alongside families to develop strategies and activities that they can do with their child in everyday around the home and in community.

What we do

We have a range of health professionals that will be able to work with children under the age of 7.

A Speech Pathologist can help with communication or swallowing difficulties associated with:

  • developmental delays in children

  • learning problems

Our team of dedicated Dieticians can help by providing:

  • Food assessments and menu review, food based solutions for people living on the spectrum

  • Management of the diabetic diet

Occupational Therapists are your holistic practitioners that play a key role in maximising your environmental safety and help to build your capacity. Through play based engagement they can help develop fundamental life skills in areas of:

  • Self-care (Eating, dressing, etc)

  • Productivity (Schooling and social interactions)

  • Leisure (everything else)

Our Mental Health Practitioners offer support to families as they develop skills and strategies to care for their children:

  • Family intervention and supports

  • Advocacy, mediation and conflict resolution

Neta Care’s Physiotherapists are highly skilled professionals, who treat people with a wide variety of disabilities and provide essential rehabilitation to children under 7. They can provide:

  • Therapeutic Massage including oedema management, soft and deep tissue techniques

  • Contracture management for treatment of cerebral palsy related joint and muscle stiffness

  • Exercise rehabilitation for muscle strengthening, cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle function optimisation

  • Functional movement training to increase independence with activities of daily living

Neta Care Therapeutic

All Neta Care therapeutic services can be provided in-home or in a clinical environment. As our client, we give you the choice and control of where you would like your therapy to be administered.

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