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Waleed Choudary

A little bit about Waleed

Family experiences have provided Waleed with a personal insight into the rewarding work of occupational therapy.

Waleed received his Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Griffith University, Gold Coast. His diverse experiences include community practice, rural and metropolitan hospitals, working with both children and adults. He has been led to community practice, as the continued sessions enable a holistic relationship with long-term benefits for clients.

Recognising that no two cases are the same, the uniqueness of every individual and family experience informs his tailored approach to therapy. He is driven to ensure his clients are able to live their best quality of life, to thrive and prosper.

Interesting Facts About Me

Growing up I was a taekwondo athlete, and I would compete in multiple tournaments across Australia. My biggest achievements include getting my black belt, becoming a Queensland champion and 3rd place in Australia.

My background is Pakistani; however, I am BYElingual, do not play cricket or eat spicy food. My parents are disappointed, but they still love me!

Let Me Tell You A Story…

I was bodyboarding with two of my mates at the Gold Coast sitting behind the waves. I noticed a fin sticking out of the water. I have never screamed so loud in my life! I swam so fast back to shore, leaving my friends to fend for themselves. Instead of screaming and following my lead, I looked back, and they were LAUGHING! I later found out it was in fact not a shark, but a small dolphin – I still refused to get back in the water.