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Simeon Hoffmann

A little bit about Simeon

A leader of leaders, Simeon has spent 16 years working in communities across Australia and internationally. He spent over 8 years with the Salvation Army before becoming the national director for Red Frogs. A leader who is unafraid of getting his hands dirty, Simeon can be found on the tools alongside volunteers to see projects completed.

Hearing about Neta Care’s vision to strengthen our community, he was eager to add his strengths and experience.

For those with an inquiry about community engagement, Simeon is your contact.

Interesting Facts About Me

I desperately enjoy spicy food and try and convince everyone they need to eat more spice. Spice is life!

I have to watch sport on mute, so I don’t accidentally ignore my wife and kids while sport is on.

Let Me Tell You A Story…

One time as I was walking through a small rural village in South Africa, I was staring up at a mountain just behind the village, I looked down, turned the corner and saw a cheetah come up sniff a group of boys, who proceeded to push it away, like it was nothing more than a puppy dog, they then proceeded to chase it down the dirt road, shouting with nothing more than sticks and stones. I turned to my mate who I was with, at which point we both just looked blankly and asked if what we saw was real!