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Sarah Hill

A little bit about Sarah

Sarah worked in the disability sector as a support worker whilst completing her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, and loved every minute spent with her clients. She learnt a lot from them and really value the experiences I had during that time. She also volunteered with the RSPCA, where she helped run a program designed for people with disabilities to come in and interact with the animals at the shelter. During her studies Sarah gained and incredible experience working with many different populations, including working with children with disabilities and sensory processing difficulties, Indigenous Australians, people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds, and people experiencing mental health challenges. All of these valuable experiences have fuelled her passion for helping and caring for people.

Her personal philosophy drives her to empower my clients to empower themselves. Her belief is… ‘I’m not here to “fix” anyone, I just want to help provide people with the tools and strategies they may need to live truly meaningful lives and flourish in whatever way works for them.’

Interesting Facts About Me:

I play Aussie Rules footy (real footy!)

I love hiking and camping and was a Scout for 10 years growing up. I once got lost on an overnight hike with my group and had to camp on the side of a mountain before getting found by the scout leaders in the morning… oops

Let Me Tell You A Story…

I spent two months in Darwin for a final-year uni placement and it was one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had. I learnt a lot about Indigenous culture and healthcare and the importance of bush medicine and traditional healers. Call me Steve Irwin because I even got to swim with crocodiles!