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Riley Graham

A little bit about Riley

After originally studying Psychological science, Riley had a sense she needed something different so on a whim she applied for a degree in Speech Pathology. After just 1 semester she knew I had found the role for her and have never looked back. Across her education journey Riley spent time volunteering for the Benevolent society and the Smith family. She completed placements within Private practice, QLD Health and the Department of Education.

She has always been passionate about helping others and seeing clients achieving their goals. She is driven by the knowledge that her involvement in someone’s life could mean they get to reach their goals.

Interesting Facts About Me:

I keep pet Quail. They are king quail which are the smallest type of quail you can get and are so cute!

I love true crime documentaries and podcasts but hate horror movies.

Let me tell you a Story…

I grew up in a typical gold coast boating family. One day, when I was very young, we were out on the boat and anchored at the end of South Stradbroke. My brothers and I swam into the island at high tide and were exploring the beach. We noticed a lot of stingray prints in the sand as the tide began to go out. I had never seen a stingray at this point and my older brothers began to make up horrible stories about them to scare me. I was terrified! Eventually we made our way back to the boat. The tide had gone all the way out, so our swim back to the boat had turned into a walk through shallow water. While walking back I noticed a dark shape in the sand, it was a stingray. I screamed at the top of my lungs and my brothers say I ran so fast back to the beach it looked like I was walking on water. I refused to get back into the water and my dad had to carry my all the way back to the boat! Luckily, I am no longer scared of stingrays.