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Renah Kakai

A little bit about Renah

Renah’s experience in administration led her to working at Northern Metropolitan Tafe in Western Australia. After some time as a stay at home mum, she began searching for a fulfilling career that felt like home, rather than the next job and she enjoys that the motivation at Neta Care is the client’s needs and priorities. As a key member of the onboarding team, Renah’s heart is to represent Neta Care’s standards, enabling potential clients to feel right at the first point of contact.

Interesting Facts About Me

I love poetry and I occasionally write from time to time. I also love music although I have the passion to sing, I am yet to conquer the stage.

Let Me Tell You A Story…

My friends decided to throw me a gender reveal party for my 4th baby. Everything was fine. My daughter was convinced it was a girl. The time came to pop the balloon and a sea of blue is covering everyone to which my daughter bursts into tears saying, “I WANTED A SISTER!”. We were all in shock with her reaction and everyone’s first words of comfort were “don’t worry mummy will try again and give you a sister”…. But Mummy is not trying again…