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Noor Alubaidy

A little bit about Noor

I studied Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in Auckland University of Technology . Graduating in 2011 I have been working as an Early Childhood Teacher since then.

After living through such an interesting childhood, that included war, I realised how significant my experiences were in shaping the adult I became. Understanding how childhood shapes our thinking, feelings, ideas, strengths and weaknesses when we become adult, I was eager to find out more about the psychology of the child and how I as an adult can be part of a healthy childhood as well as adulthood. This career allows me to leave a positive mark in children’s life by having the opportunity to work with them and teaching them basic and challenging tasks.

My philosophy as an Early Childhood Therapist is to allow children to enjoy the journey and work alongside each child to overcome challenges step by step . Every child is unique and every child will tell us how they want to overcome challenges and make the most of this journey using strategies that are based on their interests and dispositions. And most importantly is to allow children to be children , to be messy, to laugh, to cry, to run in the puddles, and to feel ok to express emotions.

Interesting Facts About Me:

I’m a salsa dancer and a runner. In fact I can often run up to 50 minutes before realising how far or long I have been running.

Let Me Tell You A Story…

I was born in Iraq and I have lived through three big wars when I was a child. My father was in the defence force and he was in every single war fighting for the country. I remember I was five year old when I began to recognise that those things that I used to see flying in the sky were not airplanes like I thought, they were rockets targeting suburbs that were not far from where I lived. Somehow I wasn’t scared and at the end of every war, I would sit next to the door and wait for my dad to come back from the war. I never thought he might not come back as I have always been told that my dad was a hero, and as a five year old child, I believed that heroes will always be around. He was a hero and he made it through and taught me to be brave and to have no fear when fighting for what matters, for the land, for values, and for identity.