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Michelle Willson

A little bit about Michelle

Michelle is a truly extraordinary massage therapist. She takes the time to really understand what her clients need and provide a massage that will suit them. Holding a Diploma in remedial massage she has experience with a range of clients.

Her heart is to stop people being in pain, her great hope is to enable people to live their best life physically, mentally and emotionally.

Interesting Facts About Me

I’m left handed.

I can sing any song out any Disney movie! I dare you test me. I can really do it, I really love Disney!

Let Me Tell You A Story…

If your familiar at all with the five love languages then you will know what I mean when I say physical touch is my primary love language.

I was always massaging my friends because I enjoyed it and wanted to show them I cared about them. After many encouraging comments about how I should do this for a living, and after meeting the very pain filled friend it became a bit of a mission to try and “fix him” soon enough I was enrolled to study remedial massage. This was a huge achievement for me and opened a real sense of purpose in me.