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Michelle Conradie

A little bit about Michelle

Michelle has obtained an overseas bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy, where she was able to practice and outwork her degree. She has worked with various clients with conditions that include head injuries, Visual Impairments, Cerebral Palsy, Amputations, Orthopaedic injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

She is passionate about outworking her degree in way that allows her to walk a path with her clients and really see change in their lives. One of her proud moments was supporting a young girl diagnosed with a visual impairment, working to get her the appropriate devices and schooling support – where some said she would remain in a special school and probably only up until the age of 15 – she successfully completed mainstream school and started University (living on campus with her guide dog) – of course working with the interdisciplinary team, all having a role to play in contributing to this.

Interesting Facts About Me:

I have a big passion for music – I sing, play guitar and Ukelele (self-taught).

I like to do “artsy” activities such as painting and crochet work, but I am not an old lady

Let Me Tell You A Story…

I come from South Africa and even though I come from the Afrikaans culture, I had the privilege to engage with and learn about some of the diverse cultures in my home country – which I feel contributed greatly to the person I am today.