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Lisa Hoffmann

A little bit about Lisa

Lisa’s parents instilled in her the strength of compassion, the kindness of a smile and the healing power of community.

These values have been modelled throughout her life as she worked with our First Nations People, working with homelessness & poverty, serving our aged care community, bringing support to various people with disabilities, pastoring a faith community, caring for children, and pursuing her nursing education and career.

No matter what setting she finds herself in, those childhood values haven’t ceased; everyone deserves the dignity of compassion, the kindness that just a simple smile can bring, and community.

Interesting Facts About Me

I love swimming, and last January competed in my first ocean swim – 3kms out and back from Noosa main beach. It was exhausting, but I loved it. I’m also a bit of a jack of all trades – together with my husband, we’ve fully gutted and renovated our home, we’ve built & extended our deck, we’ve built our chicken coop & transformed half the backyard into fruit & vegetable gardens and taken on numerous building and restoration projects around the house.

Let Me Tell You A Few Stories…

I have long been lovingly teased for being a crunchie – you know, like the chocolate bar…brown on the outside but blonde on the inside. I’m not sure if it’s because of the time I was reversing and went to put my head out the window to check over my shoulder, only to smash my forehead into the glass because the window was still up. Or it may have been the time I saw a camera phone for the first time and proceeded to put the camera lens up to my eye and ask, “is this the eye hole?”. I love a good laugh, even if it is at my own expense. I’m that one in the cinema, you know the one who laughs out loud, all the time? I’m also that friend who snorts when they laugh or laughs so hard that no sound comes out for a while, and you have to check that they’re still breathing. Yup, that’s me!