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Lexie Garavelis

A little bit about Lexie

Fully supported by our multi-disciplinary therapeutic team, Lexie holds her certificate III for allied health assistance.

She has a background as a driver instructor, which highlighted her desire to help people work towards meaningful goals with a focus on improving quality of life and independence. The satisfaction she found in this led her to the health care sector. She actively emphasizes the importance of building genuine relationships with clients, listening to their needs, desires and goals. A keen learner, her goal is to earn her Bachelor, as she works in a role she is proud of that genuinely makes a difference in lives.

Interesting Facts About Me

I am a crazy cat lady! I grew up with 4, and have 2 of my own. If you have cats, I will love them.

I have a twin sister. We are nothing alike, apart from the fact that she is also a crazy cat lady.

Let Me Tell You A Story…

I love ancient history, so after high school, I went to uni and studied ancient history, archaeology, and museum studies. I saved up money to go on a Europe trip to see many of the places I’d learnt about. I had tonsilitis for the first half of the trip, but that wasn’t going to ruin it! I’ll never forget my first night in Rome when I was wandering around the city aimlessly. I turned a corner, and there was the Colosseum, lit up so beautifully and with the starry night sky in the background. It was more magnificent than I’d imagined, and having stumbled upon it accidentally made the experience even more memorable.