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Levi Marle

A little bit about Levi

After working a number of years as a volunteer youth worker, Levi transitioned into the disability sector. He quickly stood up as a leader and bought his experience in managing and running Youth Groups at his local church and community to his work place.

Through his different roles, they all have one thing in common: Leadership. As a Service Delivery Manager, Manager and Leadership traits are essential.Levi’s experience as a Support Worker has given him an insight into people who live with a disability, giving him the ability to stay connected in the clients life and provide more supports to further help the quality of life for the people he is working with.

Interesting Facts About Me:

I run and manage a local community Football Team with some of my fellow brothers. This is done through my passion and love for my local African Communities, through this we unite the African Community together through the spirit of sport, and I believe I am making a difference by using sports to get the young ones off the streets. I am also involved in Youth Ministries, I am a Youth Pastor at a church that was organised by the Youth, I work closely with my fellow Youth Leaders to ensure every Friday nights, the program runs smooth.

Let Me Tell You A Story…

Dogs and I, we don’t get a long, here’s a story right:

Sometime in grade 11, after exiting the train heading home, a bunch of my mates and I were walking down through this one street we usually took after school, a short cut. We were all talking, laughing, and having a good time. From somewhere off in the distance behind me, I could a hear a repetitive faint, dog barking from the distance, so I ignored it and continued talking with my mates. Moments later, I realised the noise was getting louder and louder, I asked someone next to me “can you hear that”, and he said, “hear what?”, so I assumed this that I was once again hearing things. A few seconds later, in the midst of us talking loudly, a huge dog was now right in the middle of us, nobody seemed to even notice there was a dog because of how loud we were, and I simply said, “dog”, at that moment everyone ran to their own direction, north, east, sound and west. All you could hear was people who were walking at distance behind us laughing. Nobody was injured thankfully, but we were all terrified.