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Leanne Umeanor

A little bit about Leanne

Leanne dedicated 14 years to the Australian Defence Force, working within Joint Military environments, before leaving with permanent disabilities.

 During her career, she specialised in conducting Criminal Investigations, where she gained qualifications in Policing, Government Investigations, Crime Scene Forensics and Victim Identification, amongst many other management, compliance and Work Health & Safety proficiencies. Complimenting her military leadership skills, Leanne was also a facilitator & teacher at a training establishment, where she was responsible for developing training & mentoring hundreds of students.

As well as a natural propensity for being creative, Leanne also possesses a unique trait of genuinely caring about people. It is this trait that led her into the Health Care Industry, and directly to Neta Care.

Interesting Facts About Me

I am trained in negotiation, use of force and threat analysis.

I am also trained in Fine Art, specialising in drawing & painting.

Let Me Tell You A Story…

During my initial training in the military, I learned a lot about myself. One of the things I learnt was that I’m a very light sleeper. The Military Instructors liked to pride themselves on sneaking up on sleeping Recruits and scaring them or creeping into the quarters to wake them up very early, usually with extremely loud noises or shouting. This terrified most recruits but they never seemed to be able to scare me, as I always heard them.

On one occasion, I injured my ankle and was placed in a temporary hospital room while I waited for a nurse. Being exhausted from military training, I immediately fell asleep. At some point, one of my Military Instructors thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sneak up on me, while I was out cold. The very fittest and ‘toughest’ Corporal decided he would show them how it was done and crept into the hospital room. As he stealthily approached my bed I sat bolt upright, looked him in the eyes and said, “yes, Corporal?” He stumbled backwards, squealed like a girl and stared at me wide-eyed. I kept my poker face on and didn’t even smile. I later heard him telling the other Instructors how freaky it was and that he’s never seen anything like it.