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Lariche Seegers

A little bit about Lariche

Lariche is passionate about working with children in any capacity that she is needed. Ten years ago she discovered this passion and embarked on a journey to teach.

Upon immigrating to Australia she was still unwavering in her passion to work with children, she worked as a nanny for two years casually, volunteering at the Royal Children’s Hospital and with her church’s playgroup. She continued to pursue furthering her education with Monash University completing an Integration Aid course which lead her to work as a teacher aide in special development schools and mainstream schools alike. Never considering that she would have the ability or passion to work with children with special needs, she quickly realised that this is where she was meant to be. Working as a teacher aide she began to work closely with the Speech Therapists who assisted the same children that she assisted. Upon gaining some insight to what Speech Therapists do as well the experience gained as a literacy intervention teacher she felt that this role would be a great fit for her.

Her heart is in the is work because of her passion for assisting children she loves supporting a team toward a common goal for each of the clients that we see and also having the opportunity to work independently.

Interesting Facts About Me:

I have the skills to hand strip a dog

I really enjoy reading aloud, anything whether it be a poem, a joke or just a really well written piece of work.

Let Me Tell You A Story…

My best friend was kind and brave enough to teach me how to drive – a stick shift car. One Sunday afternoon we’re on the road and just before embarking on my driving lesson we both pop a lolly in our gobs, as I am driving along very slowly, I begin choke and no not on the lolly but on my own spit. Of course sheer panic struck me as to what on earth do I do first, save myself from choking, stop the car – how do I do that again? Or try and keep my cool and keep driving?

Well we’re both still here, alive and well, no car accident to report – thankfully, but boy did we enjoy a really good laugh.

You had to be there ?