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Kayla Hitchman

A little bit about Kayla

Kayla has been tutoring English and Humanities at the high school level for several years now, and been lucky enough to teacher-aid for special needs students within a high school setting throughout 2019-2020. This reinstated her passion for one-on-one education.

Her English Literature and Writing studies at UQ, coupled with a current undertaking of Bachelor of Psychology at QUT has led her to Neta Care, where she believes she can fulfil her love of face-to-face learning. She is an Allied Health Assistant that works across Occupational Therapy, Psychology, and, Speech Therapy based sectors.

Interesting Facts About Me:

I’m fascinated by language—and apparently, the signs started early. Once, in primary, I spent an entire day taking things people said literally, just to find out how old-fashioned some of our everyday sayings are. …Honestly, it just made me wish I had real horses to hold, and a farm to calm.

I’m energised by a good challenge, but after completing “the small version” of Kokoda Challenge back in 2015—involving a non-stop 48km hike through the Gold Coast hinterland. I admit I was glad to have finished the trek, but did not need to do it again. The blisters lasted for months!

Let Me Tell You A Story…

Back at Market Day, first year Uni, I remember being so keen to join multiple clubs that I failed, completely, to check the start times.

Writing, Poetry, Sci-fi, Music, Archaeology, Psychology, History…

A friend even joined the “Wine and Cheese” club, despite not being able to attend sessions. [They were 17, and lactose intolerant. …Full respect.]

Anyway, the trouble began when I realised every function started on Wednesday nights, at 6pm. I only managed to flit between two clubs before the doors slammed and locked me into a room full of Slytherins.

[I had to learn the hard way that they’re not all half-bad].

It took a year of dappling, but I eventually landed in UQ’s Ballroom Dancers, and am pleased to report that I have managed to keep up the hobby (consistently) ever since.