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Courtney Edwin-Nweze

A little bit about Courtney

Graduating in Tasmania, Courtney obtained her Bachelor of Education with a specialization in Early Childhood.

After working in education for 6 years, she was confronted with the need to offer additional support to the many struggling students with high potential.

She has been a leader for 13 years in a range of roles with young people from 3-18 years of age. The last 4 years, she has spent overseeing and training leaders. Her heart is to discover the unique strength of individuals realised through the support of a trained, caring team.

Interesting Facts About Me

My Dutch family has passed on a love for all things aniseed, whether sprinkled on gluten-free toast or in salted licorice. I have written a fantasy novel in my spare time, which is awaiting editing… one day…

Let Me Tell You A Story…

I will always remember a cartoon-ish moment on my third placement. The teacher and I watched as one grade 1 girl ran out of the room while another one was running in. Before we had a chance to say “stop” or “walking feet”, they collided, bounced into the air together, flew apart, landed flat on their rears, and burst into laughter. It’s one of those few times you feel like you witnessed something in slow-mo.