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Brittney Remedios

A little bit about Brittney

Brittney received a bachelor’s degree from McMaster University in Canada majoring in Cognitive Science of Language and minoring in French Studies. Currently, she is completing her Masters of Speech Pathology program at UQ and will be graduating at the end of this semester. she has volunteered in the speech therapy field for a few years across different settings including in private practices, schools and community centre programs. During her academic career, she has worked clinically with young children and adults in providing communication rehabilitation for speech, language and literacy development.

Her clinical and personal experiences have fuelled her passion for working in allied health. She believes that communication is at the centre of everything we do and she truly cares about helping people with learning or developing their communication skills.

Brittney believes supporting family and caregivers, in addition to the individual with a disability, is vital to ensuring positive outcomes. Understanding that an individual may see various allied health professional, and recognising the importance of working together as a team with all stakeholders.

Interesting Facts About Me:

I’ve visited 13 countries across 5 continents! I love to eat and have tried a unique dish from each countries cuisine.

I’m am originally from Canada and am very slowly getting used to the extreme Australia weather! I often find myself missing the cold!

Let me tell you a Story…

After graduating from high school, my family and I took a trip to Tanzania, to visit where my parents were born. It is a lovely country with a vibrant culture and delicious food. During the trip, we went on a safari to explore the beautiful Serengeti National Park. We took a truck with an open roof which was guided by a park ranger. We saw many wild animals including wildebeest, hyenas, antelope, lions, zebras, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes just to name a few. It truly felt like I was in The Lion King! On one particular day we had been in the truck for a few hours and our guide mentioned that we had reached a safe spot to get out of the truck and stretch our legs. I had an eerie feeling and decided to stay in the truck while my father and the tour guide stepped outside. A few moments later, we felt the car shake very slightly, and I heard the tour guide quietly instruct my father not to panic and to slowly get back into the truck. I turned around and saw a massive elephant and baby calf approach the truck and stop only a few meters away. My family and I froze and became very quiet. Our guide instructed us that if we left immediately, the animal would become alarmed, feel threatened, and may attack. We stayed in that spot for 20 minutes while the large elephant approached and inspected our truck. I understood that we were in this animal’s home and how dangerous this situation was. The elephant eventually continued across the road with its baby calf and we all breathed a sigh of relief. It was an exhilarating yet humbling experience, that felt like I was on the Discovery Channel.