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Angelina Ho

A little bit about Angelina

Graduating from a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics degree, Angelina has completed training in multiple hospitals across South East Queensland. Since then, she has obtained further experience in private practices working with nutrition support, oncology, disordered eating, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, renal, cholesterol and diabetes management, and more. Her volunteering experiences include being a mentor for Eating Disorders Queensland (EDQ).

Angelina has a great passion to help people understand the relationship between food and health. Her special interest is in the connections that exist between mental health and nutrition and she desires to help people find peace with food and their body. With a non-judgemental approach, it is her goal to create a safe environment for support and information.

Interesting Facts About Me:

I love animals and would love to rescue all the animals in the world if I could! Currently I only have 4 rescue pets at home…

I moved around a bit growing up, and can speak 3 different languages.

Let Me Tell You A Story…

I once bought a toilet brush to a first date because the guy I was seeing moved to a new house and didn’t have one. It was a really stylish toilet brush I bought for myself and so decided to buy him one too. I thought I was being considerate.