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Allison Andrews

A little bit about Allison

I have worked in various administrative, customer service and debt collection roles for almost 10 years.

Most of my childhood, my Mum was in and out of hospital with chronic pain. It took nearly 10 years to diagnose her properly. I learnt very quickly, the difference to her mental health when a nurse or a cleaner would spend 5 minutes asking her about her day or chatting about her dogs. Experiencing this as a young child, I always try to make this difference to others lives, no matter how small that gesture may be. Being part of Neta Care has allowed me to do that every day for our clients and for our staff.

Administrative staff are the glue that holds a business together. I enjoy being able to help others and to make someone’s day a little bit easier. I am so excited about the work that Neta Care are doing and the way that we are changing lives.

Interesting Facts About Me:

 When I was younger my family bred Golden Retreivers. For many years, we had six adult retreivers of our own. The look on peoples faces when we would walk them was priceless!

I know how to back a trailer, drive a forklift, ride a dirt bike (racing quads are my favourite) and my aim with  .22 is pretty spot on. Girl power!!

Let Me Tell You A Story…

 I was born with a small “strawberry birthmark” on my face. By the age of 5, it was bigger than a golf ball on my cheek. I underwent surgery to have it removed and had 28 stitches in my face. To this day the scar is invisible, no one ever notices it and blends perfectly in to my smile line.