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Telehealth & Neta Care

With Neta Care’s telehealth services, you have the opportunity to connect with our practitioners no matter where you are located. Our telehealth access process is simple and user-friendly, requiring only a device with a camera, an email mailbox to receive our consultation link and a stable internet connection. This means that even if you reside in remote areas where accessing therapists is challenging, you can still benefit from essential therapy consultations.

Our therapists are trained in conducting online consultations, allowing them to provide certain assessments, exercise therapy, speech consultations, and diet consultations while you stay in the comfort of your own home. We can even email you home exercise sheets complete with videos and pictures, enabling you to continue therapy on the days when we are not actively consulting with you.

Telehealth consultations offer numerous benefits, particularly for regional clients. They eliminate the need for expensive travel charges, allowing you to maximise your funds for rehabilitation and support. By utilising telehealth, you can access our services conveniently and efficiently, regardless of your location.

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