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Support Coordination

At Neta Care, our Support Coordination services aim to alleviate the stress associated with managing your NDIS Plan. Our experienced teams work closely with you to ensure you maximise your approved funding and effectively implement the supports outlined in your plan.

Working with a Neta Care Community Support Coordinator, you can expect the following:

  • Finding and connecting with suitable service providers to deliver the support outlined in your plan.

  • Streamlining the process of negotiating with service providers, reducing complexity for you.

  • Enhancing your opportunities for active participation in the community.

  • Ensuring that your supports meet legal and contractual obligations.

  • Empowering you to self-direct services and support in the long term.

  • Addressing any issues that may arise with your support.

  • Providing reports to the NDIA as required, allowing you to focus on living the life you desire.

We offer three levels of Support Coordination, taking a holistic approach:

  1. Support CONNECTION: Short-term support to kickstart your NDIS journey, assisting you in connecting with providers and building self-direction skills.

  2. Support COORDINATION: Ongoing support throughout your plan duration, catering to individuals with more complex needs who may require additional assistance in connecting with providers.

  3. SPECIALIST Support Coordination: Intensive support coordination delivered by our multidisciplinary team, working closely with you and your support network to implement and fulfil your NDIS plan.

If Support Coordination is included in your NDIS Plan, our prices are based on the NDIS Price Guide, falling under the ‘Capacity Building’ support category. If it’s not listed in your plan, you can request a review from the NDIA.

To determine if you have funding for this support, look for key terms in your NDIS Plan, including Support Connection, Support Coordination, Specialist Support Coordination, Life Recovery Coach, and Assistance in Coordinating or Managing life stages, transitions, and supports.

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