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Let us help you find appropriate accommodation that fits your NDIS plan. We’ll assist with the search and the paperwork so you can move in with no stress. Once you have moved in, or you already have somewhere to live, we’re on hand to help you overcome any barriers affecting your tenancy or living circumstances.

SDA Houses Currently Available

Bundamba, QLD, 4304
This 4-bedroom home designed for a deaf and blind NDIS participant with high physical needs, has 1:3 SIL funding and one vacancy. It is equipped with an OOA for in-person overnight support and has been adapted to cater to the participant’s individual requirements, including increased physical accessibility. The living space is secure, accessible, and comfortable. Funding for full accessibility or improved liability may also be considered.

Logan Reserve, QLD, 4133
This 4-bedroom high physical SDA, designed for a deaf and blind NDIS participant, is set up for 1:3 Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding and currently has one vacancy. The property features an OOA setup for in-person overnight support and has been modified to meet the participant’s specific needs, including heightened physical accessibility. The living environment is safe, accessible, and comfortable. Fully accessible or improved liability funding will also be considered.

Leichhardt, QLD, 4305
This 5-bedroom high physical property is designed for NDIS participants requiring high intensity 24/7 clinical support. It currently houses 3 residents and has 2 vacancies. The property is equipped with modifications to meet the needs of individuals with high physical requirements and provides a comfortable and accessible living environment. With 24/7 clinical support, this property is ideal for NDIS participants requiring high-intensity assistance in a supportive and safe setting.

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