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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) are dedicated to your holistic well-being and independence. They play a vital role in maximizing your environmental safety and building your capacity to live autonomously.

Our OTs provide a comprehensive range of assessments and therapeutic services to address various conditions and requirements, including:

  1. Comprehensive functional assessments and reports: Identifying your capacity-building and safety needs.

  2. Seating assessments: Evaluating powered and non-powered wheelchairs, cushions, custom-made wheelchairs, tracking, and hoists.

  3. Bathroom assessments and modifications: Recommending ramps, rails, shower chairs, and safety mats to enhance accessibility and safety.

  4. Home Modifications: Designing and implementing wheelchair ramps, bathroom re-structuring, and modifications by Australian Standards.

  5. Bed and Mattress assessments: Assisting with standard and electric-powered bed selection, rail installation, and other bedroom aids.

  6. Upper limb rehabilitation post-stroke: Implementing targeted therapy to enhance functionality and regain independence.

  7. Manual handling training: Equipping staff with the skills to prevent workplace injuries and reduce employer WorkCover Insurance claims.

  8. Fall prevention and management: Assessing risks, implementing interventions, and providing strategies to prevent falls and manage fall-related concerns.

At Neta Care Therapeutic, we offer the flexibility of receiving these services either in your home or in a clinical environment. Our therapeutic services can be funded through your NDIS package, privately, via DVA, or through your Home Care Package. We prioritise your choice and control, allowing you to decide where you would like your therapy to be administered.

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