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Neta Club Vacation

Introducing our Neta Club After School and Vacation Program, where youth come together to develop independent life skills in a fun and community-based setting. Our highly trained staff create engaging activities tailored to each child’s abilities, fostering growth and helping them achieve their life goals.

What makes a good vacation program?

  • Building strong, positive relationships with adults and peers.

  • Focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses.

  • Offering challenges that allow youth to grow and excel.

  • Providing enriching, creative activities for all participants.

  • Cultivating leadership and decision-making skills.

  • Nurturing autonomy while providing guidance.

  • Consistently providing these opportunities to support long-term goals.

Who: Children aged 6 to 18 years with an NDIS plan (school-aged) When: December 13th to December 24th, 2021 January 10th to January 21st, 2022 Where: Greater Ipswich area How: Limited spaces available, click the link below to apply

Key Points:

  • In the event of wet weather, alternative arrangements will be communicated.

  • Bookings are essential to participate in the vacation program.

  • Transportation is included and charged at the standard NDIS rate.

  • Age-appropriate groupings may be formed during outings to cater to different interests.

  • Morning and afternoon tea are provided daily, with options for allergies or preferences.

  • Feel free to pack extra food if your child requires additional snacks.

  • Contact us at 1300 389 562 for updates or to reach our staff during the program.

  • Cancellation policy applies as per NDIA guidelines.

Limited spaces are available, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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