Specialist Services

Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiologists are dedicated health professionals who specialise in creating safe and personalised exercise and rehabilitation programs for individuals with various health conditions, injuries, or disabilities. With a hands-off approach, our exercise physiologists design clinical exercise programs to support the rehabilitation process.

Experienced and Mobile Professionals:

  • Our mobile Exercise Physiologists have extensive experience working with diverse age groups, fitness levels, and medical backgrounds.

  • They tailor exercises to your specific needs, optimising your health and helping you achieve your individual goals.

  • Focus on recovery from chronic diseases, improving cardiovascular function, body composition, and flexibility.

Conditions Managed and Treated:

  • Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries

  • Neurological and cardiovascular conditions

  • Chronic diseases

  • Cancer

  • Mental illness

Neta Care Therapeutic:

  • All our therapeutic services can be provided in-home or in a clinical environment.

  • Funding options include NDIS packages, private payment, DVA, or Home Care Packages.

  • We prioritise your choice and control over where you receive therapy.

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