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Early Childhood Intervention

Early Childhood Intervention is a proactive approach to providing support for children with disabilities or developmental delays. At Neta Care, we believe in working collaboratively with families, recognising their expertise and tailoring strategies and activities that can be incorporated into everyday life at home and in the community.

Our team of highly trained professionals specialises in working with children under the age of 7, providing a range of health services to meet their unique needs:

  • Speech Pathology: Our Speech Pathologists address communication and swallowing difficulties associated with developmental delays and learning problems.

  • Dietetics: Our dedicated Dieticians provide food assessments, menu reviews, and specialised solutions for individuals on the autism spectrum. They also offer management of the diabetic diet.

  • Occupational Therapy: Our holistic Occupational Therapists focus on maximising environmental safety and building children’s capacity through play-based engagement. They help develop fundamental life skills in areas such as self-care, productivity, and leisure.

  • Mental Health Support: Our dedicated Mental Health Practitioners work closely with families, providing intervention, support, advocacy, mediation, and conflict resolution strategies to enhance care for children.

  • Physiotherapy: Our highly skilled Physiotherapists provide essential rehabilitation for children under 7, offering therapeutic massage, contracture management, exercise rehabilitation, and functional movement training to improve independence in daily activities.

Neta Care Therapeutic:

  • We offer the flexibility of providing therapeutic services either in-home or in a clinical environment.

  • As our client, you have the choice and control to decide where you prefer to receive therapy.

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