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Conditions We Support

We are dedicated to providing reliable and skilled support for individuals with various conditions. Whether you are an NDIS participant seeking quality care, an aged care resident, or a retiree looking to enhance your well-being, Neta Care is the place to call home.

Our compassionate staff is experienced in supporting and managing a diverse range of conditions, including:

  • Parkinson’s Disease: Comprehensive care and support for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.

  • Huntington’s Disease: Specialised assistance for individuals with Huntington’s Disease.

  • Motor Neurone Disease: Supportive services tailored to the needs of individuals with Motor Neurone Disease.

  • Multiple Sclerosis: Comprehensive care and management for individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis.

  • Cerebral Palsy: Specialised care for individuals with Cerebral Palsy.

  • Other Disabilities: Support and assistance for individuals with various disabilities.

  • Geriatric Rehabilitation: Tailored rehabilitation programs to promote healthy aging.

  • Stroke: Rehabilitation and support services for individuals recovering from a stroke.

  • Brain Injury: Comprehensive care and management for individuals with brain injuries.

  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy: Expert treatment for muscle/tendon tears, ligament injuries, and conditions such as back and neck pain and headaches.

  • Post-accident/injury rehabilitation: Supportive rehabilitation programs for individuals recovering from accidents or injuries.

  • Chronic Pain Management: Specialised strategies and therapies to manage chronic pain.

  • Autism: Support and interventions for individuals on the autism spectrum.

  • Mental Health Conditions: Comprehensive care and support for individuals with mental health conditions.

  • Grief and Loss: Compassionate assistance for individuals coping with grief and loss.

  • Amputation: Specialised care and support for individuals who have undergone amputation.

We offer NDIS Support Packages designed to meet your specific needs and goals. Take the first step towards comprehensive support and management by exploring our options today.

Ready to embark on a journey of well-being and support? Contact Neta Care and discover how we can assist you on your path to a fulfilling and healthier life.

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