Specialist Services

Behavioural Support Therapy

At Neta Care, we provide compassionate and individualised Behavioural Support Therapy services aimed at enhancing mental health and well-being. Our person-centred approach empowers individuals to reach their goals, addressing challenging behaviours and promoting positive alternatives.

Behavioural Support Therapy:

  • Understands and modifies behaviour patterns

  • Enhances quality of life

  • Supports individuals with disabilities

  • Assess, analyse, and develop strategies

  • Improve participation in everyday activities and social interactions

Role in the NDIS:

  • Recognised as important for managing challenging behaviours

  • Improves mental health, well-being, and independence

Services Covered under the NDIS:

  • Behaviour assessments

  • Positive behaviour support plans

  • Skill development

  • Therapeutic interventions

  • Training and capacity building

Serving Brookwater and Beyond:

  • Compassionate and individualised services

  • Comprehensive assessments and personalised plans

  • Mobile team serving nearby communities

  • Accessible under one roof

  • Support for individuals, families, caregivers, and professionals

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