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CHSP vs Home Care Packages – what’s the difference?

It’s important to understand the specifics of the support that you’re seeking, whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one. As such, the CHSP and Home Care Packages can sound similar in spirit, both of them helping to fund in-home services that allow the individual to enjoy a more independent life. However, there are important differences that can make one more suited to your needs than the other.

The intention of the support

A basic, but fundamental, difference between these two initiatives comes down to what they are each designed for, in the first place. CHSP is designed for seniors who might need one or two basic services in the short term or on a recurring basis or, as put by the Department of Health website, for “entry-level support..” Home Care Packages, however, are designed for those who need more services, with different package needs to meet people with more or fewer needs. As such, you should assess your needs to get an idea of which initiative is for you.

The level of funding

Each of the initiatives offers different levels of funding. With the CHSP, for instance, you find out which services you qualify for, and then your chosen provider will get a subsidy that allows them to reduce the cost. However, this doesn’t pay the entire cost of the services, and you have to pay what the subsidy doesn’t. Home Care Packages provide a budget depending on your care needs, which can be spent on services as you need them. You may be able to cover all of your care costs, but you will be expected to contribute to the cost of your care services if you can afford it.

The types of services

The types of services that you get through each of the initiatives may be different, as well. CHSP is intended to cover “entry-level support,” which can cover meals and food prep, bathing, hygiene, and grooming, nursing, therapies, and more. Home Care Packages are designed to be more comprehensive, helping you gain access to services that can help when you have noticed a marked difference in your ability to function independently. There is overlap in the services that each cover, but Home Care Packages tend to take care of the more serious needs.

How you get your services

There are little differences in the method by which you acquire services through each initiative, as well. As mentioned, with the CHSP, you find a provider with the service you want to receive, and then that provider gets the subsidy from the government after your eligibility is approved. With a Home Care Package, you start by creating a care plan with a service provider, and then your provider gets the funds directly from the government and manages it on your behalf, including paying for your carers for you.

Hopefully, the guide above helps you understand that there are, indeed, differences between the CHSP and Home Care Packages, allowing you to rely on the services that best suit your needs.