PACE: An Overview for NDIS Participants

PACE comes packed with significant upgrades aiming to make your interactions with NDIS easier and more efficient. So, what exactly can you expect from this upgrade, and what are the benefits for NDIS participants? 

  1. Better Accessibility: Access your data from anywhere, any time.

  2. Holistic Tracking: Seamlessly monitor your NDIS plan progress.

  3. Improved Communications: Stay updated with all NDIS communications, ensuring you’re in the loop.

  4. Data Protection: Your information will be safer than ever with stringent security measures

  5. Better Accessibility: Enjoy easier access to your NDIS services as PACE offers a simplified, user-friendly interface.

  6. Smooth Communication: PACE promotes effective interaction between you and your provider, ensuring a smooth NDIS journey.

  7. Real-Time Updates: Stay informed with live tracking of your NDIS funds and services in real-time through PACE.

  8. Faster Procedure: Experience reduction in procedural delays as PACE expedites the planning and review processes.

  9. Improved Resource Management: PACE assists in managing your resources efficiently, helping you get the most out of your NDIS plan.

  10. Personalised Support: Thanks to its innovative technology, PACE enables tailored support based on your unique needs.

What is the purpose of PACE in the NDIS?

The central purpose of PACE is to streamline and digitalise the operations of the NDIS, promoting efficiency and moulding a better experience for all parties involved.

For NDIS participants, PACE provides a simpler, more intuitive way to manage their plan and access supports. On the other hand, for providers, this new system offers a more efficient method of communicating with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), submitting information, and making payment requests. 

A key aspect of PACE’s purpose is about inclusivity. The technology underlying PACE has been built considering diverse user needs, making it more accessible for people with different abilities. Hence, resulting in an all-inclusive system that facilitates the management of supports under the scheme. 

PACE is also designed to support accurate and timely data collection. With the kind of real-time reporting it provides, the NDIA can make more informed decisions, improving the robustness of the NDIS overall. 

Getting Started with PACE: First Steps for Participants

Easing into PACE might seem a bit daunting at first glance, but not to worry, we’re here to guide you step by step on this journey. 

How to register Neta Care as your “myProvider” with PACE for Agency Managed Participants

  • You will need to call the NDIS call centre on 1800 800 110 for Neta Care to be your “myProvider” so we are able to access the funding for services provided, provide our company details to the NDIS:
    Our Provider Number: 4050084980
    ABN: 24640854011
    Business Name: Neta Care Pty Ltd
  • First and foremost, updating your current personal information is essential. Being reachable and having up-to-date records is a prerequisite for the transition to PACE, so make certain every piece of information held by NDIS is currently valid. 

  • Secondly, it’s all about embracing digital literacy. PACE is an online system and to navigate its various functions, it’s important to be comfortable with basic computer operations such as opening a web browser or navigating a website. Don’t stress if you’re not tech-savvy, workshops and resources will be made available for all abilities. 

  • The next step involves liaising with your current NDIS provider. They will guide you through the specifics of how their services will be modified or improved with PACE integration and can answer any queries you might have along the way. 

  • It’s also vital to stay informed about the PACE rollout process. NDIS will regularly update their website with new information and resources. We’d recommend checking it frequently for the latest insights and updates. 

  • Furthermore, once initiated, PACE has a handy help section. Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and if needed, guidance is just a phone call or an email away. 

PACE is a new system and like with everything new, it takes a bit of time to fully adapt. It may not work perfectly for you right from the start, but the NDIS is committed to adjusting and refining PACE to ensure it best serves all its users.

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